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E Komo Mai! (Welcome!) to Koloa Union Church

We are followers of Jesus with a distinctly Hawaiian identity. Some of us are descendants of the native people of these islands and we celebrate with the language and customs of our ancestors. As an inclusive community of faith, reflecting the diversity of the people of Hawai‘i, we respect all cultures and backgrounds.

Our mission is to embrace, enhance and nurture God’s diverse and unique faith community, all to the glory of God.

Whoever you are and wherever you have been on life’s journey, you are welcome here!

Church Location:
3289  Po‘ipu Road, Koloa, HI

We are located in the heart of Kōloa on Po‘ipu Road between Old Koloa Town and Koloa School and Library. As you are driving along Po‘ipu Road, you’ll see our church set back from the road between the large monkeypod trees. It is a lava rock church with a large white cross in the window. Parking is available in the front of the church.

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 536, Koloa, HI 96756

Directions from Old Koloa Town:
Turn onto Po‘ipu Road by the Chevron Gas Station. As you drive on Po‘ipu Road, look to your right in about a block and a half.

Directions from Kukui‘ula (The roundabout where Po‘ipu Road runs into the Shops at Kukui‘ula):
Exit the roundabout onto Po‘ipu Road towards Old Koloa Town. As you drive on Po‘ipu Road, look to your left just past Koloa School and Library (& Snorkel Bob’s).

Phone: 808-742-6622

A Message from Kahu Alan Akana


On Sunday, Doug Duvauchelle began our worship service by sharing how music brings peace to him and to others. He then lit the Candle of Peace and played a soothing medley for us on his guitar. As Doug so beautifully demonstrated, music is a form of art that often brings us peace in the midst of the chaos and challenges of our lives. I am really enjoying hearing from some of the artists among us who are sharing what art means to them and how the various forms of art help us to make room for Christ during the Season of Advent. I am looking forward to sharing on Sunday about the joy of painting the flowers of Hawaii. I hope you will join us as we light the Candle of Joy!

On Sunday, I also shared about my experiences visiting the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific on Puowaina, also known as Punchbowl Crater, on December 7, 1991. It was truly a spiritual experience being among so many graves of veterans on the 50th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. As we commemorate this event this week, 25 years later, I thought it would be appropriate to reflect upon all of the wars and places of armed conflict since World War II. I was saddened to learn that there have been multiple situations of armed conflict every year since that war in which over 60 million people lost their lives. I learned that there have been over 50 situations of armed conflict in the world in 2016 (so far)…and over 75,000 people have died this year in Syrian, Iraq and Afghanistan alone…and there are about as many Syrians who have died in the current civil war as all Americans who died in WWII: over 400,000.

If we are going to sing and talk about peace on earth once again during the holiday season, I think it is important for us to see how much work there is to do! I also believe that peace is possible and that there is a role in it for each of us. I shared about the story of Sadako Sasaki, the young girl living in Hiroshima who was just two years old when the atomic bomb was dropped just over a mile away from her home. She later came down with leukemia as a result of the radiation from the blast. While she was dying in the hospital, her friend told her the legend of 1,000 cranes: if you fold 1,000 paper cranes, you can make a wish and know that it will come true. So Sadako began folding paper into cranes as she wished for peace in the world. As the story goes, she only completed 644 cranes when she died, but her friends were so inspired by her commitment to peace, they took up the challenge and completed the rest. 1,000 cranes were folded after all!

This story gives me hope that we can all do something for peace and whatever we do will make a difference. Our challenge for peace on earth is a huge one, but we can make a difference. May we commit ourselves to bringing more peace to the world.

Aloha nui!

Kahu Alan Akana

Click HERE to see a video of Sunday’s sermon.

Videos of Kahu’s sermons will be available every week through Christmas Day. You can find them on our  church website <www.koloaunionchurch.org> and on our weekly e-news. Please share these videos with friends and invite them to church.

“A Message from Kahu Alan Akana” is provided most weeks by the Kahu (Pastor) of Koloa Union Church, a congregation of the United Church of Christ (UCC), a member of the Kauai Association and Hawaii Conference.

News of the Church


This year during Advent, some of the artists among us are sharing their art in order to help us fully enter into the spirit of the season. Christ is always present and yet coming to us in new ways all the time. We invite you to come, open your hearts to the art and the artists among us, and see how Christ might come to you in a brand new way during this special season.


Resource for Christian Spirituality is hosting a mini-retreat called “They Who Wait” on Saturday, December 10th, from 9 a.m to 3 p.m. Click HERE to see the details.


Our annual Christmas party at Kahu’s home will be Friday, December 9, beginning at 6:00 pm. We will gather at the Smith Memorial Parsonage (3281 Waikomo Road). Please bring a dish to share for our potluck dinner and your singing voices, as we plan to sing Christmas carols!


You are invited to bring a poinsettia to decorate the sanctuary during the Christmas season. Just place it on the floor in front of the communion table. We will keep it watered during the holiday season.


Sunday, December 18, 10:30 a.m.  The children of the church will share a very special story with us on December 18th.  They will practice for the program during Sunday school on December 11.  Parents, please have your children at church by 9 a.m. on December 18.


“Spare Change to Help Needy Families”  We plan to give gift cards to families in our community before Christmas so that they can have food and gifts for their children. Just place your change before December 11 in the Spare Change Jar as you enter or leave the church. We will add up our change and purchase gift cards for local stores. If you know any families we can help, have any questions, or wish to volunteer, please contact Judyth Foley at 818-726-1344.


Once again we will be joining the Salvation Army’s Red Kettle Campaign as we sing Christmas carols in front of Sueoka Store on Friday evenings, December 16 & 23, 6-7:30 p.m. Please join us for singing a song or two or stay for the entire time. Bring musical instruments and your singing voice for this fun and casual evening as we raise money to feed hungry people on the island.


Each year at Christmastime, congregations of the United Church of Christ across the country take up a collection to provide pension and health premium supplementation to lower-income retired church workers, and emergency assistance to clergy and lay church employees in need, as well as “Thank You” gift checks to hundreds of faithful retired church workers. The fund is administered by the UCC Pension Boards. We will collect the Christmas Fund offering on December 18, 24 & 25. Please give generously to help faithful church workers who are experiencing difficult times.


Our New Ministry: Making Simple Quilts to “Cover” People in Prayer! Our first meeting is scheduled for January 6, 2017 from 3-5 pm, at the Dressel residence. You do not need to know how to sew or quilt to join us; you just need to be willing to pray and help with the effort in any way you are able. Fabric of Faith: A Guide to the Prayer Quilt Ministry, by Kimberly Winston, is a lovely book introducing the ministry.  A copy of the book is available for loan. Please contact Angela Dressel to sign up:  abdressel@gmail.com or 808-332-7371; and please keep our new ministry in your prayers.

OFFICE CLOSED on Monday, December 26, 2016.


Weekly News of the Church” is provided by Koloa Union Church, a congregation of the United Church of Christ (UCC), a member of the Kauai Association and Hawaii Conference. Join us at 3289 Poipu Road in Koloa!