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E Komo Mai! (Welcome!) to Koloa Union Church

We are followers of Jesus with a distinctly Hawaiian identity. Some of us are descendants of the native people of these islands and we celebrate with the language and customs of our ancestors. As an inclusive community of faith, reflecting the diversity of the people of Hawai‘i, we respect all cultures and backgrounds.

Our mission is to embrace, enhance and nurture God’s diverse and unique faith community, all to the glory of God.

Whoever you are and wherever you have been on life’s journey, you are welcome here!

Church Location:
3289  Po‘ipu Road, Koloa, HI

We are located in the heart of Kōloa on Po‘ipu Road between Old Koloa Town and Koloa School and Library. As you are driving along Po‘ipu Road, you’ll see our church set back from the road between the large monkeypod trees. It is a lava rock church with a large white cross in the window. Parking is available in the front of the church.

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 536, Koloa, HI 96756

Directions from Old Koloa Town:
Turn onto Po‘ipu Road by the Chevron Gas Station. As you drive on Po‘ipu Road, look to your right in about a block and a half.

Directions from Kukui‘ula (The roundabout where Po‘ipu Road runs into the Shops at Kukui‘ula):
Exit the roundabout onto Po‘ipu Road towards Old Koloa Town. As you drive on Po‘ipu Road, look to your left just past Koloa School and Library (& Snorkel Bob’s).

Phone: 808-742-6622

A Message from Kahu Akana



Since we were celebrating Martin Luther King Day on Monday, I decided to share the story of Rosa Parks during my sermon on Sunday. Most of us know that Rosa Parks is the Black woman who refused to stand up on a city bus in Montgomery, Alabama, and give her seat to a White person. She had actually been sitting in the “colored” section of the bus, exactly one seat behind the “colored” sign. However, after one particularly busy stop, there were people standing in the aisle, including a few White people. So the bus driver told all of the Black riders in Rosa Parks row that they would all have to stand in order to allow the White people to sit. Three of them stood up, but Rosa Parks moved closer to the window and refused to give up her seat. So the driver called the police and Rosa Parks was arrested for disorderly conduct. Because of her simple act of civil disobedience, the American Civil Rights movement was given the energy it needed to end segregation not only on buses, but also at drinking fountains, restaurants, schools, and neighborhoods.

One of the reasons I loved the story of Rosa Parks is because she was an ordinary person who made a big difference in the world. She was not a great public speaker and she didn’t have an exceptional education or resume; she worked as a seamstress in a department store and she struggled to make ends meet financially. Nevertheless, she acted out her convictions and courageously stood her ground. Her example inspires us because most of us consider ourselves pretty average and identify with Rosa Parks and other ordinary people. I think to myself: If such an ordinary person can make such a big difference, then perhaps so can I and so can you.

There was only one Martin Luther King, Jr., and we honor him for using his exceptional gifts. However, there were also thousands of ordinary people, like Rosa Parks, whose roles were also important in the Civil Rights Movement. I hope that we will honor them all, not only by remembering them but also by following their example and living by our convictions and doing the right thing even when it takes courage and faith.

Aloha nui!

Kahu Alan Akana

Click HERE to see a video of Sunday’s sermon. Videos of Kahu’s sermons are available most weeks. You can find them on our  church website <www.koloaunionchurch.org> and on our weekly e-news. Please share these videos with friends and invite them to church. You can also subscribe on YouTube anytime you watch a sermon; that way you can easily watch any past sermon and even receive a notification when a new sermon is posted.

Weekly News of the Church

YOUTH CAMP Our church youth will be spending 4 nights in Kokee, Waineke cabins, February 16 – 20.  Youth in middle and high school are invited to attend.  We are asking for help with prepared foods and/or donations for all meals.  Please see Penny for the food list.
MEN’S BREAKFAST The men of the church are invited to breakfast on Tuesday mornings at 7:30 during the winter months at the Olympic Café in the Poipu Village Shopping Center. (The café is right across from Keoki’s.)
PRAYERS & SQUARES Future gatherings will be held at the church on the 4th Tuesday and 3rd Saturday of the month. The first one will be on Tuesday, February 28, 2 – 5 pm.
VILLAGE HARVEST Have leftover produce or fruit tree droppings?  Don’t waste it, get a tax deduction. They will pick up or harvest your unwanted still-fresh produce and deliver it to those who need it most, through schools, afterschool programs and food banks.  You will receive a donation receipt.  Call 828-0685 x20 or VillageHarvest@malamakauai.org.